Do you have a CPA to review your books of account once your bookkeeper has completed the routine tasks of entering data, invoicing customers, recording and paying vendor’s invoices etc.?

The value we can add is to ensure that transactions are recorded correctly and according to GAAP ( Generally Accepted Accounting Principles ) and that the Financial Statements prepared from the accounting software are in the right format and represent fairly the results of operations by the business.

Other areas where we can help are as follows;

  • Are the Financial Statements that you have in a format and in sufficient detail to assist you in the management of your business from both an efficiency and profitability standpoint?
  • Do you know the true margins on the products and services that you sell?
  • We are Quickbooks Pro Advisors and can help you with processing transactions and navigating efficiently through the software.
  • Are you recording and depreciating your Fixed Assets according to GAAP and the Internal Revenue Code?
  • Do you need a Compilation or Review done for your bankers or equity holders?

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