We help businesses grow profitably by sitting down with the owners and translating their visions into well thought out plans that are presented in a way that shows the financial results of strategic and tactical decisions.

Typical questions that will be answered are:

  • Will increased sales lead to more bottom line profit?
  • What will the cash flow needs be if we increase sales by say 20%. Will we need to obtain additional loan funding?
  • What segments of our product line have good margins, and which segments are a drag on profitability?
  • If we add additional sales people, when can we expect a return on the investment in their payroll costs?

In addition to financial results of growth strategies, there are inevitably income tax consequences, good or bad, that need to be thought through and planned accordingly. Examples for manufacturing would include:

  • Do we claim a Sect 179 deduction for fixed assets purchased?
  • Will it be beneficial to claim bonus depreciation or depreciate over the life of the asset?

From a business owner perspective, which type of entity structure will minimize the owner’s tax liability?

These are all strategies we can help you plan and execute.

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